Electronic Archiving

Firstly, lets just clarify what we mean by “electronic archiving”. We don’t mean computer backups and we don’t mean just saving electronic files somewhere safe. The best way of explaining electronic archiving is to say that it means everything we think of when we consider establishing a physical archive that needs to meet regulatory requirements…. but just for electronic records instead! So we need to be thinking about:

  • Documenting requirements for the archive so that it meets business, regulatory and legal needs;
  • Identifying what the information management needs of the organisation are for records that will be stored in the archive;
  • Developing a digital preservation strategy that is aligned with your information management needs;
  • Identifying a streamlined process for ingestion of records into the archive, capture of metadata to manage archive holdings and to maintain data integrity, and processes for the ongoing management of the archive;
  • Identifying an appropriate resource model for the archive; and
  • Identifying an appropriate technological solution that is aligned with the above!

So that’s where we come in! We can help you with as little or as much of the above as you need. You might just need a little bit of guidance along the way and access to a subject matter expert; so we can be on hand for you. Alternatively, if all of this is new for you, we can come in and help you to deliver everything that you need from our toolbox of solutions. And we are completely vendor agnostic; we may provide you with a short-list of suggested technologies if needed, but we work with any solution provider. Please get in touch to discuss further.