The link below to my Calendar gives a broad indication of my availability for meetings. My workday generally starts after 9:00am UK time and finishes around 17:30pm; let me know if you need time outside these hours. If you are unable to see a suitable time slot, just give me a call and I’ll see if I can re-arrange my schedule.

Scheduling a meeting:

If you use an electronic calendar (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar etc), just use the Calendar below to see when I’m free (i.e. my availability) and then use your own calendar system to schedule a meeting as you usually do. No need to put the appointment in my online calendar here as this is synchronised automatically once I receive your meeting invite!


If you don’t schedule meetings in an electronic calendar app, you can use my online calendar below to schedule the meeting. All attendees will receive an email with the meeting details. As noted above, no need to do this if you are going to use Outlook etc.

  • Go to my Calendar (see link below)
  • Choose how long a meeting you need
  • Choose which day you’d like the meeting
  • My Calendar will then show you a list of start times that I’m available
  • Send me a meeting invite for the required start time that I have availability for (first option above) or use my online calendar tool to schedule the meeting (but not both please!).

So, here’s my calendar: CALENDAR