Ready for a TMF Masterclass?

After a break of almost two years, we are planning to schedule another TMF Masterclass. Is this something that you or a colleague would benefit from? If so, please read on.

This will be an intensive 1-day, interactive workshop for colleagues who are already familiar with the fundamental principles and requirements for the Trial Master File (TMF). It will take your knowledge to the next level by examining the requirements applicable for an eTMF environment. Maybe you are about to start considering the implementation of an eTMF solution or you are struggling to make your eTMF work effectively within your company? This workshop will definitely be for you!

We will look at a range of different topics and, where possible, will adjust the content to meet the specific needs of those attending. We’ll likely be covering topics such as:

  • metadata and naming conventions;
  • quality control – when and how to manage quality;
  • record lifecycle management with an eTMF;
  • signature technologies;
  • how to increase levels of compliance;
  • how to differentiate between systems during the procurement process.

Space is limited for this event so please consult colleagues within your company quickly to reserve your place. The date is likely to be during the last week in March but we are currently flexible on the timing until we have the required minimum number of attendees. In the first instance, please register your interest in the Masterclass (no financial commitment) and we’ll get back to you.


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