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Case study-led agenda develops for TMF Europe


If you work with Trial Master Files, you might be interested to hear about IQPC’s TMF Europe conference. Now in its second year, this is highly interactive and case study driven. The agenda does away with your usual mix of classroom-style presentations and includes a live inspection simulation, people bingo, campfire round-table discussions, live debate and pub-style quiz! There will also be a keynote session from an EU regulatory agency on inspector expectations (TMF accessibility and availability). With an optional Cava tasting, what is there not to like!!

Thinking about implementing an eTMF solution but not sure what the issues are? Do have lots of questions about managing TMFs? This is certainly the conference for you. And in a great location too!

Please see IQPC’s conference website at http://www.tmfeurope.com for more details or view a draft agenda here.