Use of Digital Signatures

I’ve just come across a White Paper from AIIM on the use of digital signature technology. As this makes for interesting reading, I thought I’d just share some highlights and provide a link to the full report:

  • In 63% of organizations without digital signature systems, more than half of the printed process documents are printed just to add a signature.
  • Speeding up approval processes and saving staff time are considered to be the biggest benefits by those who have implemented a digital signature solution.
  • For 40% of people not using digital signatures, half or more of their electronic document workflows are interrupted by the need for physical sign offs. For 23% of non-users, this results in a week or more of process delay on average.
  • 63% of digital signature users achieved a ROI in 12 months or less (i.e. the technology is cheap!!)
  • 43% of SharePoint users would like to apply digital signatures to SharePoint workflow processes.
  • 24% of research respondents are already using digital signatures. A further 21% plan to implement them in the next 12 months.

The report can be located HERE.


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