Fire at Iron Mountain Facility in Aprilia, Italy

A large fire struck Iron Mountain’s document storage warehouse and headquarters in Aprilia, Italy late on Friday 4th November 2011. According to news reports, the entire building was enveloped in flames causing substantial damage to the building and, presumably, to the documents and digital content stored there. Approximately 40 employees worked in the facility but nobody has been injured.

It is reported that the company had a sophisticated fire protection system in place and that the probable cause of the fire was an electrical fault. A spokesperson said “We are trying to take stock of the situation as soon as possible in order to respond to questions and concerns of our customers about the status of their documents stored at Aprilia”.


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2 Responses to Fire at Iron Mountain Facility in Aprilia, Italy

  1. rammellel says:

    The following news was available on various online news feeds this morning (28-MAR-2012) – Iron Mountain Mulls Asset Sale. “Consistent with its strategic overhauling policy, announced in April 2011, business document storage and records management provider, Iron Mountain Inc. (IRM) may sell its Italian business unit, according to a recent Bloomberg feed.”

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